1. Problem

    So I have a 18 and a 20 yr that have done a cycle of tren . And now are on a rip blend and I warned them it's not healthy for them. Anything I can say an warn the
    About before the get completely screwed?

  2. Show them tren sides? Lol iunno. The prolactin gyno side can be a bitch, no pun intended.

  3. Oh they have seen it but they refuse to run any sort of pct serm anything ! Try say it won't happnen to them so I dnt know lol

  4. It sounds harsh but some people just need to learn the hard way. If you have pointed out the sides and they won't even bother running a serm then just let them get on with it.

  5. Haha well how bout a forum of people laughing at them? Jk. They're going to have to find out for themselves unfortunately. Id start informing them on the procedures to get the side effect removed, I.e. blood work, going in to see a specialist for a mammogram, and several thousand for surgery (if their insurance doesn't cover it). Could make it a little more real for them.

  6. Imo let them fail!

  7. Hahah scratch it, what he said ^^

  8. Lmfao just give him wrong advice tell them to pyramid
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jasen View Post
    Lmfao just give him wrong advice tell them to pyramid

    Dude, I'm such a nice guy at heart that I always give people correct advice and am not a jerk, but in my mind, the wheels turn and I often think about giving incorrect, blatantly wrong advice. For example, when someone stops and asks for directions when I'm out walking, I could easily tell them to go in the completely wrong direction, but I never do.

  10. If they're 18 and 20, they prolly won't even stick with it long enough to hurt themselves. If not, they're young-hopefully 1 poorly planned cycle won't hurt them too bad.

  11. 3rd cycle and there running ripblend. No pct ai nothin lol . There going to die or somethin!

  12. Quote Originally Posted by dubfungus View Post
    3rd cycle and there running ripblend. No pct ai nothin lol . There going to die or somethin!
    They won't die, but the side effects that they get later on will be funny to laugh at for you.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  13. Give them m1t
    ~ IRON LIVERô________ *[It's just advice man, that's all it is! You can take or do whatever the FCUK you wanna do!]

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Jasen View Post
    Give them m1t
    This. Tell them to run 30mg for 6-8 weeks. Oh, and tell them that it's ok to drink while using it, too.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  15. Haha I havin seen anysides as of yet !!! But I will lol


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