my 1 st cycle was nandro/test 400 starting at 2 weeks of 1.5 ml the upped it to 2ml p/w.i had 2 x 10ml bottles.towards the end i got a bottle of sust 300.i dropped nand/test down to 1.5 ml p/w on tues and 1.5ml sust on fridays.
not sure how many weeks it went on for.prob about 12 weeks
went from 13st12lb upto a max of 15st 3lb (normal max was 15st 1lb)
im 4 weeks off now
at 14st 12lb now which im happy some anti est but not too concerned as balls didnt shrink andwasnt a heavy cycle.
next cycle is test 400 and eq.going 2ml of each a week.shall leave it another month before i start