1. Advice?

    So new to this site I have some questions an need advice. Any help and Advice is greatly appreciated . Thanks

  2. You should probably put the questions we can answer them lol

  3. LOL!

    Sooooooo, what are you wondering about?

  4. lol I have your answer...

  5. Well I have been liftin about 2 years may e a little longer . I have it a plateu I'm a extremely hard gainer my diet is good. I just re did my routine for lifting. I look good for my weight . I
    Just dnt bulk up very easy at all and im starting to gr very demotivated . So any ideas or advice that will help will be awesome . I've done lots of research . Im just tired of training smart and healthy and not bulkin up it sucks

  6. Basic compound movements to add thickness and density. Squats, deadlifts, weighted chins, heavy rows, etc., will all give you good musculature. It sounds as if you're diet is not "good" if you're training properly and eating enough. All too often you hear "I'm a hard-gainer" but in reality it's because most guys just aren't eating enough. Maybe list your training and diet here and some of us can help you out. I'm sure you're not eating enough though if you're training properly and not gaining.

  7. switch things up routine wise, add another 3-500 cals(quality), add in some basic supplements.

    IDK what your looking for people here to tell a SD clone like beastdrol and run 30mg for 4wks??

  8. Just advice mate whatever it may be . I'm a recovering alcoholic ad the gym is a passion . Just wanna hit my target goal of 205 by end of the winter .

  9. If I had a dollar for everytime someone said their diet was perfect......

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Jasen View Post
    If I had a dollar for everytime someone said their diet was perfect......
    My diet is perfect x100 lol

  11. first cycle test only , no orl only cycles.
    at the very least test only + one oral. and RESEARCH EVERYTHING YOU USE BEFORHAND! and look into PCT BEFORE
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