difference in dimethazine clones?

  1. difference in dimethazine clones?

    In the market for dimethazine clones and have noticed different compounds? Cel dzine and myopharma dimethadrol have the same compounds but quality controled labs dmz 1 has 17beta hydroxy 2alpha 17 beta dimethyl 5alpha androstan3 on azine. Is there a difference? Dmz 1 is a little pricier

  2. CEL double test all their hormones. I would always go that route when looking for a quality clone.
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  3. aside from all the makers of this clone messing up the label and putting 2 17beta positions on the label, they are all the same.

    2a, 17a dimethyl 5a androstan 17b ol 3-one azine

  4. O ok thanks guys, the dmz 1 is double the price wsasnt sure why, cel is a decently reputable company ill stock up on some dzine

  5. I know from experience that MrSupps (Dieselbolan V2) and CEL are G2G. And the Transform Forged line is also G2G.



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