How do you "prep" for an AAS cycle? I'm about to launch ULTRADROL..........

  1. How do you "prep" for an AAS cycle? I'm about to launch ULTRADROL..........

    Any advice on preparing and implementing a 6 week cycle of ULTRADROL (methylstenbolone)?? I just received my bottle of ULTRADROL (methylstenbolone) and I'm anxious to test drive this stuff in about four more weeks. Before I do, however, I would like to get some advice on how most people "prep" for a cycle with regards to diet, workout, and pre-cycle supps. I know this would really apply to any cycle, but I'm going with the ULTRADROL. I have cycled many times before, but never paid too much attention to being "ready" to give it my best.

    Should I be on a "maintenance type diet" until then, start eating heavy now or lean out as low as possible?

    Should I be doing high reps and maintenance type lifting to stay fresh and rested or start going heavy weight right now and increase volume?

    Preload with cycle supports this far out or wait two more weeks?

    What do you think gentlemen? How do you prepare for your cycles???

  2. preload your support supps at least 1 week before starting.

    Keep your diet on maintenance now and ramp up once you start taking the ultradrol. Lift heavy on-cycle, what you do before that is pretty much up to you.

  3. get some cycle assist and take it a week or two prior to starting the ultradrol, then just run it along side the ultradrol.

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