Need some advice about this Epi cycle im on

  1. Need some advice about this Epi cycle im on

    Im 3 1/2 weeks in on my cycle of Epidrol and i still dont feel that "on" feeling. My lifts are up a tad and arms a bit fuller but not much. Just seems like normal progress. Also I haven't shut down at all. Diet and training are on point. I'm dosing at 30/30/30/30. Do you guys still think i should do a SERM PCT even though this products effect on my body has been minimal? thanks

  2. yes, I think you should still use a serm. Run the epi out 6 weeks, up the dosage to 40-50 in your final weeks. EAT MORE CALORIES. I don't care how on point you think your diet is, if you aren't gaining you aren't eating enough overall total calories.

  3. I only have enough for 4 weeks because it was my first cycle and wanted to do it slightly mild 30/30/30/30 but if you think that its better to up the dosage and run it longer i can pick up another bottle. ok man thanks ill try to stuff even more calories down.

  4. You may be shut down even though you don't 'feel' it. The only way to actually measure that is via blood work. So, yeah, using the SERM is the smart thing to do.
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  5. ok thanks

  6. Interesting that you've been on Epi for three weeks and still don't "feel" it. Have you done it before?

  7. if this is your first cycle, how do you know what being "on" feels like? lol, just saying.

    but i agree, up the dosage to 40/50mg and extend the cycle to at least 6 weeks. I wouldn't recomend one run epi for less than 6 weeks.

  8. lol ya i guess you have a point there...but ok im gonna go ahead and pick up another bottle and run it for 6 weeks. thanks for the help guys much appreciated.


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