Bloodwork help please

  1. Bloodwork help please

    Had bloodwork done 2 weeks following PCT from a 7week 350mg/week Sus250 cycle, 27yo. Doc refused to do LH/FHS, DHT & Estradiol. Currently tapering off Dutasteride, down to .5mg EOD.Doctor who interpreted results said everything is normal, but I'm a little concerned about my Free Test & TSH. All other results were good.TOTAL TESTOSTERONE: 22 (10-33)FREE TESTOSTERONE: 42 (60-130)TSH: 0.5 (0.4-4.0)Physically I feel back to normal, wondering if I should look into it further with Saliva tests, or if the Free Testosterone is just inaccurate.

  2. That's unfortunate he wouldn't do LH and e2. Your free t is obviously pretty low. Which could suggest high shbg, or high e2. On the bright side...I'd love to have those TSH numbers

  3. Docs are allowed to deny that?? Wtf there getting paid that's b.s hmmm

  4. Indian Doctor, completely useless, I think he was offended that I produced a list of tests, probably would have been better off just listing some symptoms and hoping he did tests I wanted. SHBG was in the upper range of normal. Waiting on Saliva e2 and test to compare. Thanks for the responses.

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