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    i started my furst cycle yesterday of cup and deca (1cc each every 3 days). good cycle? well the main question is about how thick the liquid is. it was all i could do to draw it from the vial to the syr. as i was drawing it out, i got the deca drawn up fine and as i started to draw the cyp into the syr, it just quit coming after one cc. so i got another pin, drew up the other half and prepared for the stick. my girlfriend pushed it for me, and we did the 1 1/2 cc on my right glute and the one cc on the left. felt fine all night. today i woke up and im walking with a limp my right glute is so sore. seems to be normal as i searched the board. but i can only imagine how bad it would have hurt if i had done both the deca and cyp in one syringe at one spot. im kind of worried now to try the quad shot or any other (like the delt). i need to be able to use my arms at work! should i just stick to doing one cc in each syr and sticking deca in one spot cyp in another? if i just rotate between quad, delt, glute will that be sufficient time between shots (since im not doing left glute then right glute on diff days)? it would end up being like this....

    monday - left glute (1cc deca 300) and right glute (1cc cyp 250)
    thursday - left quad (1cc deca 300) and right quad (1cc cyp 250)
    sunday - left delt (1cc deca 300) and right delt (1cc cyp 250)
    wednesday - left glute (1cc deca 300) and right glute (1cc cyp 250)

    is that right? is this going to be okay? cycle okay.... spots okay..... rotation okay.... also, i was going to start trying to heat the vial in a cup of warm water to draw it up easier and to shoot it with a 25g syr. do you think this would be good enough to thin it out? you wouldnt dilute it would you? i just know my ass is so sore i cant walk. hope this goes away. any help and answers to all of my many questions would be great!



  2. Everyone says dilute w/ deca but I never saw any relief. Some cyp brands hurt (except Depo 200 always goes smooth at any volume) I'd use a 23g for sure, if I use a 25 my hand moves around too long and cuts up my leg I think. The faster I can deliever the better, everyone will say opposite usually. Warming does help, the syr or the vial itself.

  3. i think some soreness is pretty much normal. especially if its your first injection, you are bound to shake etc.

    You can dip the vial in some hot water before injecting, or you can use a heat pad post injection. It will go away in 2-3 days, and over time you wont get as many events of soreness.

  4. Pull the gear into the syringe and recap the needle, make sure you pull a little bit of air in so there will be a small bubble before you recap. Turn hot water on and run the water over the barrel of the syringe rotating it back and forth until the bubble starts to move faster. Remove it from the water and shake vigourously for about 10 seconds, then place back under hot water for about 30 seconds. Remove again and shake vigourously for about 10 seconds, place it under the hot water one more time to ensure it gets warm again. Gently and carefully dry off the barrel of the syringe with a towel or something not to fiberous. Switch pins to your injecting pin and go for it. I have pain with prop, and I've done this mixing it with Tren and have totally painless injections. Give it a shot!

  5. use an 18 gauge to draw then a 23 to shoot



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