Pinning questions?????????

  1. Pinning questions?????????

    I'm gonna be starting a 4ad prop and 1-test cycle in a couple of months,and it will be my first time pinning so I got a couple of questions.If one is drawing from 2 separate vials do you have to change needles after drawing from the first one before drawing from the second?Is 3 cc's too much oil to put in a quad?Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  2. You do not have to change needles after drawing from the 1st vial, but you should change before you inject (there is a difference in the sharpness). I draw with a 21 and inject with a 25. As far as volume - I have put three ccs in each quad, no problem. I am not a monster, but not a stickman either. You just have to try it and see - if you feel uncomfortable with the thought, put a cc & a half in each quad (or bis, pecs delts, etc)

  3. I've never tried more than 2 in each quad... I think I did 3 in a glute... once...

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  4. Thanks for the help.

  5. I never put that much oil in a quad, ouch! Some guys do though without problems, but I never go above 1.5-2mL there. For first time pinning I'd use quads, delts, and pecs



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