Im thinking of doing a ph cycle

  1. Im thinking of doing a ph cycle

    Im 21
    4 years training

    Im curiouse i was having a look to educate my self on PH/OTC from the post prohormones-comprehensive-guide and i saw that if anyday i would go to use PH for solid hard gains coz no point in gaining wet gains the best opcion would be a cycle of Havoc/Epistane and it would be my 1st one.

    That said coz based on the funcion of these to compounds sound good : Havoc/Epistane (2a-3a-epithio-17a-methyl-5a-androstan-17b-ol)
    RPN's product Havoc and IBE's Epistane were introduced at practically the same time and considered interchangeable by many. However, it should be noted that even when two products are identical, users can experience different effects depending on the quality of the isomer, manufacturing process and so on. With Havoc and Epistane they are chemically very slightly different 2a,3a-epithio-17a-methyl-5a-androstan-17b-ol 2 (Havoc), and 2, 3a-epithio-17a-methyletioallo cholan-17b-ol (Epistane). Dosages are usually in the 20-50mg range.
    Effects: useful for promoting solid, lean muscle gains with a concomitant reduction in oestrogen leading to a drier physique, and significant strength gains. This will contribute to the vascularity users typically report. Havoc and Epistane are also sometimes used purely to combat gynecomastia as they act in the body as an anti oestrogen, so that endogenous testosterone levels are less suppressed by this compound than other prohormones.
    Side effects: less hepatoxic and damaging to lipid levels than other orals but the usual androgenic and oestrogenic side effects associated with prohormones remain a possibility.

    This said i know now i would have to take a liver protectore befour and during the cycle and a PCT but my question is, is this a good one to start of with or is there better stuff since the post was created and safer to use with better hard gains ?

    Is there a better ph out now with less sides and hard gains ?

    Thank you.

  2. Epi is a great PH, nice lean dry gains, great for a recomp. H drol is usually the recommended FIRST TIME ph. It's a bit more mild. You will need a serm for your pct with whichever PH you choose. Google the term serm if you don't already know what that is.

  3. if you cant find a serm, CEL Formestane / SNS DAA is a good and cheap pct. perfect for an epi cycle
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  4. The one thnig that worries me is like all the ph warning lable have on it is that i had epylepsia and im scared if by taking a mild ph that is a steroid inactive till its in the system. I know i have to talk to my doctor about this but im just worried about that mostly apart from the tipycle sides that happen.

  5. Do you have a history of epilepsy or something? That's a really weird side effect to be concerned about. I'd be worried about a lot of other things other than that. That's really just a "cover every single base" warning.

  6. MakaveliThaDon Yes i have a history of epilepsy and im better now i dont hae them anymore and dont take medicatcion anymore and i will say it again i know this is not the palce to ask and i am going to talk to my doctor about it but i will still lay out the question is that is there high possibility of it coming back if i use PHs miled ones ? And what other things should i would be worried about ?

    Another thing users that have used PH have you guys had any siddes after the cycle that have come from its use ?


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