Roomate just ordered Double Dragon HD50 and Testosterone propionate. Help me please!

  1. Roomate just ordered Double Dragon HD50 and Testosterone propionate. Help me please!

    Hey guys my roomate just ordered both of these products and I'm trying to help him realize what he is about to get into. I've always heard about the bad side effects of prohormones and I know nothing about this propionate stuff. What can you tell me about these products? I want him to be able to read this thread and get the informed opinions of you guys. I've tried telling him that prohormones are rough and he needs to run PCT, but he doesn't know what PCT even is. He is a supp noob. Thanks a ton. And no, I am not talking about myself. You couldn't pay me to use either product.

  2. test prop is an injectable steroid. hd 50 is actually a pretty mild oral prohormone. its a clone of halodrol. i think for test prop you have to do Every other day injections. or am i getting that mixed up with test suspension? i think test suspension is multiple shots per day. i can never keep all the Test esters straight.

  3. suspension half life is roughly 6-8 hours. prop is usually EOD injects.

  4. its not going to be hard on him unless hes drinkin or something. Show him proper pct and cycle support. he ll do alright

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