Super DMZ bridge into ?

  1. Super DMZ bridge into ?

    looking for suggestions to bridge into from Super DMZ by IronMagLabs. im about 2/12 weeks into cycle, cycle is going very good, up about 6 lbs so far, goal is to gain size/mass.
    PCT will be clomid,kre-alkalyn,Mass Addiction, with supporting supps, vitaC,flaxseed oil, etc.
    quick stats about me, 34 years young,215lbs, have ran Tren,Epi/Trenazone and Pmag, 3 different cycles,this is my 4th.
    I have a log on this cycle on LB but site is down or something.
    so far thinking about Deca Drol(IronMagLabs),anything non methylated of course. any ideas will be appreciated,thanks.
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  2. i wouldn't bridge dmz, tends to be harsh, i'd keep it to a 4wk cycle and dosed properly.

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