Considering the dark side...

  1. Considering the dark side...

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    Considering AAS Cycle for real

    I am considering a Test, Dbol, and Winstrol Cycle. I may not have this exactly right. I found a good site online, and a good price for it.
    6 weeks of test with weekly injections. It comes with Proviron, and Clomid or nolva, but what else could I take like milk thistle, hawthorne berry etc while on cycle? where do I inject? I have read up, but never injected before. I have only done oral cycles till now. Any advice is appreciated.

  2. lol, dude did you just copy and paste the entire contents of your last thread? Why didn't you just bump it?

  3. Drop milk thistle for something else. What type of tes is it??

    Why only 6wks?? when most hop over they are running 10-12,15 wk cycles. You can inject pretty much anywhere, it just needs to be inter muscular. 23, 25g; 1 inch pin for bigger muscles. 27-29g for smaller muscles.

    It still sounds like have reading to do tho. at your age your its probably the way to go

    In the needtobuildmuscle section there's a sticky "101 steroids", I suggest you go over it a few times.

    what are you looking for out of the cycle?? cuts, hardening, size, etc. Theres prolly a much better mix of compounds you could run than whats suggested.
    Tes, winny, d bol are the basics that could back a long time. Much better options.

  4. My bad. Makaveli...I will look into some better options.

  5. I'd post this in the aas section for more replies and advice.I'd pick up some liv52 fish oil.h berry and nac.what are your goals with the cycle?

  6. If for only 6 weeks, I hope you're going with prop. You should run it for 10-12 weeks if you're going with Test-E.

    1-12 Test-E 500mg/week
    1-4 Kickstart (SD, Anadrol, Dbol, Tbol etc..)
    Cutting all summer, cycle in September

  7. My goal is to add mass, do PCT, and then go back on for contest cutting cycle the last 8 weeks. I want to get back the mass I had before I deployed.


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