Feeling Sick From Testosterone.

  1. Feeling Sick From Testosterone.

    Wondering if anyone has had a bad cough from taking test. I'm currently taking 300mg/ml test e at 1 ml every four days. I've done test with other gear before but never had the cough/headaches that come from this. Just wondering if anyone has experienced this and if it will subside eventually.

  2. Is this the first time you have used this brand of gear before?

  3. It'd just a typical test flu. It happens I wouldn't worrie too much but deff take 1000mg vit.C daily and when flu subsides stick w/ 500mg daily

  4. I would of said test flu too, but he said he had done test cycles before and never had it happen, which makes me think maybe he is using a diff brand of gear that his body isn't liking too much

  5. Yeah your right. I also heard that if you cough a lot u might have injected into a vein by accident. Make sure when you inject to aspirate to see if you hit a vein or not. Better safe than sorry bro-chacho lol

  6. Thanks for the insight, yeah it is new gear, but my buddy's on it too and he's fine, he is also a heavy user so maybe he's used to it. I'm surety aspirated every time and I know I'm not hitting a vein. Probably just need to get used to this lab.


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