AAS and red blood cell elevation?

  1. AAS and red blood cell elevation?

    Just a general question for some of the more experienced AAS users here. I had blood work done last week as my doctor wanted to check for gout (had a prob with my big toe)..anyway, long story short, they tell me my blood is "thick" and sent me to a hemotologist today. well, in his questioning he asked me had I ever done steriods..I advised him I just finished my first cycle in june and am currently finishing my PCT and told him what I was using. he seems to think that the high red blood cell count is being caused by the AAS. they are sending me to get a blood/oxygen level test and a cat scan of my stomach just to make sure there aren't any growths etc. does anyone know if this is a likely scenario (AAS increasing red blood cell counts) or can I definitely rule that out?

    thanks in advance

  2. btw, I used test enth 500mg/wk (250mg 2x week)...for 20 weeks

  3. if you doc "seems to think" than, hes not a very good doctor

  4. Wait until all of your tests come back that's probably what your doc is waiting for to give him a better picture of what is going on. It's hard to tell by basic examination and eyeballing you. I have gout as well and use Test Enanth during my cycles but have had no problems with blood work. I thought the only AAS that elevated red blood cell count was EQ thus while it is used by runners and cyclist for endurance.

  5. Steroid use does increase red blood cell concentration as far as I've always known...

    Did a quick search on google...there are ****loads more of info... Remember to take everything with a grain of salt thoguh.


  6. thanks for the info everyone. I'm gonna wait to find out the results before I freak myself out reading anymore of those links haha

  7. AAS in general cause an increase in RBC.

  8. Yeah pretty much all steroids will do that to you, some more than others. I had mine tested a while back and the doctor's face turned to pure shock when he looked at the red blood cell count. I just thought to myself "Hey now I know my stuff's legit". It's not much to worry about, basically it just increases the risk of blood clots in your internal organs which CAN be potentially deadly, but that is highly unlikely and extremely rare if not unheard of from use of AAS.

  9. The medical advise for increasing RBC with TP was 750-1000mg/week,as long as TP was
    still produced and prescribed.

  10. I don't know about test but EQ and drol def do.


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