Somewhat silly clen question

  1. Somewhat silly clen question

    Okay so it's been a loooong ass time since I've taken clen and I actually got some for free from the peptide place to do some testing. I started off yesterday with 30mcg..didn't feel much..took another 30 mcg around 5pm

    this morning i'm about to hit the gym right now and took 40mcg

    I don't feel anything. Now i'm normally pretty resistant to any stims but shouldn't i "feel" something? I'm not jittery or anything....wondering if there is a reason they sent it to me..aka underdosed or something....I just don't want to ramp up and go nuts



  2. Unless its bunk your fine, I can tell while doing cardio I sweat a lot more and another sign is when I'm at 100 I get paranoid. At lower doses I can't tell unlessj I'm doing cardio or circuit training.

  3. Hmm I did sweat my balls off actually just doing the 5 minute warm up on the upright bike last night lol...and i know the company is reputable so

  4. Yea. Unless I go over 75 I really don't get any sides, but I def can tell, even at small dosages, that my core temp rises quickly and I sweat like crazy

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