My Current 5 week cycle.

  1. My Current 5 week cycle.

    I have been running a cycle for the last four weeks. It consits of
    First week:

    First Five days:800mgs 1ad
    Last 2 days 4mls 2x a day of transdermal 4ad/1t/4ht

    Week 2

    300mgs a day of 1ad (taken between doeses of the transdermal becuase I sweated some of it off working in a warehouse)
    4mls 2x a day of transdermal 4ad/1t/4ht
    Week 3

    6mls 2x a day of transdermal 4ad/1t/4ht
    Last 3 days of this week I started running m5aa at 50-70mgs a day for hardness and focus

    Week 4

    6mls 2x a day of transdermal 4ad/1t/4ht
    50-70mgs a day of m5aa

    Gained 11 pounds and leaned out.

    week 5

    I am back home and have lost a few pounds because of the stress I am under right now. Havent been eating all that much and decided to run the cycle for 1 more week. Since I am around my girl I will be going with oral 4ad (dont want to get transdermal on her) and m5aa (1200mgs a day and 70mgs a day respectively) I am contemplating adding m1t at 5mgs a day, but if this is retarded just let me know. For PCT I will be running Nolva at 60mgs a day for the first week and taper down after that.I will also be using clen and 6oxo. Wish I had some HCG, my balls are danglin but smaller thne usual. Oh well, 5 weeks aint that long. (Ill go into more details on PCT if anyone wants me to.

  2. Yo G, good to hear from ya. Man, if you are visibly suppressed, I'd skip the m1t or use at 2.5mg, that is the worse **** to take right at the end cause you are about to go into PCT shut down real hard! Bad way , pyramid into PCT. You got any M4OHN on hand?

  3. Nope dont got any M4ohn on hand, sucks. I dont have m1t tablets either or else I would split the m1t capsules I have. I know m1t is suppressive as hell which sucks, so you think running 5mgs preworkout is too much considering my current "situation". The only other methyl I have had is m5aa, and even though I want to run a low dosage of m1t, I decided I would rather not run 2 methys at once, only got one liver you know, (damn livers, wish I had 2).

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