First PH cycle, Hardcore Formulations Epidrol

  1. First PH cycle, Hardcore Formulations Epidrol

    Hey guys I've been reading around here for awhile but finally decided to join since i decided on my cycle and wanted to get some feedback. I plan on running it with some milk thistle and either Torem or Nolva. Here's what i came up with so far, let me know how it looks

    Epidrol: 30/30/30/30

    Torem: Days 1-5=120mg, Days 6-21=60mg, Days 22-28=30mg


    Nolva: Week 1: Days 1-3 40mg, Days 4-7 20mg
    Week 2: 20mg everyday
    Week 3: 10mg everyday
    Week 4: 10mg everyday

    I'm leaning towards Torem since I've read that it brings you back faster and is also less toxic to the liver. I also read somewhere (i think it was this forum) where someone did a study on it and showed that it was the only SERM that raises good cholesterol and lowers the bad. But if anybody has any reasons for why Nolva might be more fit for the cycle I'm open to suggestions. Thanks.

  2. i guess everything looks ok?

  3. bump............

  4. When you say with, you mean after the cycle? Cause you don't run a SERM with the PH.

    And get a better on cycle support like ai cycle support, n2guard, etc. Something that addresses liver, BP, lipids, etc.

    And you need a better PCT than just a serm. Do some more research. Look at other logs.

  5. Ya my bad when i said "with" i meant post cycle, i should have clarified better. Also ya your right im going to pick up some cycle support to take on cycle. As far as what to take with my SERM post cycle what do you recommend? I have read other logs and the only other things ive seen people taking with a SERM are AI's, test boosters such as activate xtreme or triazole, or AI Post cycle support.

  6. Usually something like post cycle support, possible AIs. I use Primordial Performance Testosterone Recovery Stack which is kinda expensive. It'll run like 75 with a coupon. I take that with a SERM.

    Check out some PCT sections on the forum and look around to see what people use

  7. appreciate that bro well do.
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    Your PCT looks fine.

    As james pointed out, cycle support is a must (most people pre-load 2 weeks prior to starting the cycle to make sure it's built up in your system). I advise taking creatine, fish or krill oil, and a multi along with it, too (which you very well may include and just not have listed out).

    As far as what to take along with post, it's up to you. Some people make it really comprehensive, others use very little. It's all about personal preference. At the very least, I'd add in a natural testosterone booster to bring libido up along with natural levels. HCGenerate is a great way to go and adding some DAA along with it will really rev your libido if you're anything like me.

    And on cycle, just see how your body responds to the epi. I found 45 to be a great dose and 60 was really fun, too. Just let how you respond (positive and negative) dictate what you do.
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  9. ok thanks!

  10. i was thinking also to include some DAA in my post cycle what you guys think?

  11. Quote Originally Posted by MRogers View Post
    i was thinking also to include some DAA in my post cycle what you guys think?
    More then fine .. Ure Pct is great, I like the torem approach

  12. Quote Originally Posted by MRogers View Post
    i was thinking also to include some DAA in my post cycle what you guys think?
    DAA would be a very good idea to add into PCT. If you are looking for some priced well, we have it at NTBM that is 16.99 shipped free after using a 15% discount (needto139)

    I'm using DAA in PCT right now also
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