Iron Liver is getting his bllods draws, interesting INFO INside, PLS COME ON IN.

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  1. Most ai usually cost me 50 (+-5$) erase is cheaper for me

  2. Never enough
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    I have a blood test of mine somewhere that the total test was so high I can't recall it. Can't remember whereto it was in the 6000s or 8000s....
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  3. Woooooow! How many mg were u bumping? Bye where can I get those labs id love to get results backbsaying im at 6000

  4. Never enough
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    Comically, only 400 but apparently the 600mg of deca I was using alongside was mostly test.
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  5. Lmfao yeah u forgot to mention that.... no im obsessed with taking bloods I think I will do it more often even throughout pct
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
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    Very nice.

  8. Which labs did u go to? The male blood panel was only 5$more dollars ill be doing that next time im hoping too see my free test as well as a few others
  9. Never enough
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    That was part of my regular testing thru labcorp. My doctor was not amused.
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  10. Welllll???! What happened? What did doctor say im ready for story time
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  11. LOL test in the 7000's and had to be reviewed by a doc- epic
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  12. I know! We want the story!
    ~ IRON LIVER™________ *[It's just advice man, that's all it is! You can take or do whatever the FCUK you wanna do!]

  13. omfg - gotta know what the doc said when the test was 7000+. that is ****in' great man. cheerio!!!

    def interesting in getting some bloods soon - see if these sarms are rotting me from inside out.
  14. Never enough
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    Well, that was with my GP, so she didn't freak too bad since everything else was ok. But she did FAX a copy over to my urologist (who my TRT is through) and today is the first time I'm seeing him since then.....
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  15. Quote Originally Posted by schwellington View Post
    LOL test in the 7000's and had to be reviewed by a doc- epic
    Would have paid to see the look on their face! Epic indeed

  16. 7000 they know ur F juicing! But if ur seeing him today, tell us how it goes.I can't help but think of this scene from when I was younger.

  17. In to hear the story from Easy lol.
  18. Never enough
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    well, the follow up blood test that the urologist had ordered had levels at 730s, and I guess my gp never faxed that one to him. whew.
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  19. If it showed extremely high levels again that would have been a epic situation. Usually when I end my T cycles I like to inject around 1000mg in my final injection as opposed to the usual 500 due to that magic 2wk break before hitting clomid and nolva
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  20. Never enough
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    still over 2 week break and still near top of normal range (top is 826 I think)
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  21. Ok some interesting updates. I dropped erase (hopefully getting bloods soon to see what ny estrogen is on 1G with no interference) I notice more bloat but here is something interesting. Once I dropped erase my estrogen clearly went up and now I feel great! Hornier more confident happy constantly etc true test feeling. I have a few ideas why this is, my current is that once I dropped erase my estrogen went up to match my testosterone causing me to somewhat normalize my levels between the two? I will probably go soon back in erase but inlove experimenting while in cycle the science between AAS fascinates me beyond belive..... anyways so shoot away guys!
  22. Never enough
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    That is a funny thing that I've always believed. For feel wise, the ratios of hormones seem as important as absolute values. Not necessarily true for health purposes though...
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  23. Straight up... Erase is a great estrogen dropper, but it f*cking kills my libido, mood, and joints even when I'm shooting a butt load of test

    I've been using formestane TD lately cuz I had it laying around... The complete opposite of erase in regards to how I feel. I don't feel as tho it does a great job of dropping estrogen on a high test cycle because I still get itchy nips on the stuff once in a while nothing major tho.

  24. Hmmmm can I get link for this forma? I always had this belive as well. MAN I LOVE EXPERIENCING SIDES ON MY OWN AND LEARNING THIA STUFF FIRST HAND! My last big cycle I purposely gave myself trend gyno just to see if I could get rid of the lump it was huge too and I did. I ran tren-e at 1000mg because there is a theory tren impacts kidneys for 2 wks and Yupp swollen ankles 2x the size and massive kidney pain. But back to the topic it is interesting even though estrogen is high I guess it is needed to be in the "norm" of a cycle. High test low estrogen or imbalanced estrogen will create just as much sides. Yet there was a sense of security while on erase.

  25. Since I took erase off i noticed some headaches? Coincidence?


    yea son, get it while it's in expensive.

  27. My man thanks ill try this sometime maybe even tun bloods on it as well

  28. Estrogen related to water retention related to blood pressure related to headaches.

    I wake up with a minor headache when I take test too high. Goes away after 20 minutes.

  29. That's what I though! Usually after intake C4 and start training its fine.

  30. Thanks ND for sending me this Thread cause I always wondered how it would go with a test cycle and it seems very well. Like to know everyones opinoin. Starting my first cycle tomorrow of Test400 from a UGL, I know that Dalken Test 400 been gone but this is what my source was able to give me so with the first shot I should know how strong it is. So with Erase, and doing 400mg of test per week, how many caps do you think I might need? I was thinking starting with two and seeing how things go.

    I am 35
    13-15% BF
    First cycle

    Have done three PH/DS cycles but this would be my first real deal. Can not wait for the first pin
    Thanks again for the help guys!!

  31. i can get away with 1-2 pills of erase/day on 700mg/week

    400mg prop/300mg suspension

  32. Quote Originally Posted by chocolatemilk View Post
    i can get away with 1-2 pills of erase/day on 700mg/week

    400mg prop/200mg suspension
    Thanks bro. I really did not want to take 3 caps per day. I think I will start with just one and see how it goes. With 400mg per week, I really should not need more then that. I might bump up to 500mg after four weeks and then will see.

    Just getting a little nervous about my gear. Got the Dalken test 400 with the mexican labels and from reading on here, that company went out of business years ago. But date on bottle is good and my source I work with so, will see him if it's bunk which I really hope it's not. But oh well.

    thanks again bro


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