Best Bulking Option for me (Anabeta, Andro series, or legit gear)

  1. Best Bulking Option for me (Anabeta, Andro series, or legit gear)

    Hey guys,


    - I'm 22
    - 6'2" 240lbs
    - %bf = 10 - 14 (possibly less I am not sure, will update that when I find it)
    - lifting for 5 years - 3 1/2 have been serious
    - Long story short -> started at 180 sumthin lbs; throughout college to my junior year gained around 90 sumthin lbs (270 sumthin lbs fairly lean); BAM!!!! -> tore my acl; Have been out around a year and back down to around 240 lbs (leaner than before due to immense HIIT cardio I have been doing to heal and get in shape).

    Supplements currently on:

    L Arg.
    Will most likely pick up creatine for bulking phase
    Will also most likely get a preworkout.


    I have done OTC PHs before and have had some decent results with them. I find it fairly easy to put on lean muscle, and I have no problem with eating a massive amount of food to do so. I would like to start getting into a cycle with some legit gear, but I'm not sure if I know enough about cycling and the compounds. I mean, I have read up on them for months and learned about the different profiles, what I should take at my weight, PCTs/ SERMs, etc. but I am not sure if I am ready to use all of it yet, and even if I was, I have no source.

    Thus, this brings me to the main point. I have read a lot about Anabeta and the Andro series. I know it is not really a comparison between the two, but which would give me a better bang for my buck; AndroMass and AndroHard or Anabeta stacked with something. I am just talking pure.lean.mass. I just don't want to waste my money either way. I know that Anabeta says it needs no PCT, but I am a bit of a worrywart. So is it true it would need no PCT? Also, for AndroMass and Hard, would Sustain from PP be enough for the PCT? Or is it all a waste of my time and I should stop being a wuss and get some Dbol and test E?

    Any input to this would be appreciated!

  2. It's a question of if your ready/comfortable with using illegal gear or staying with the grey area... Is the andro series or other ph's as good as test e + dbol? Highly doubt it, but at 240 lbs I could see you packing on a good 15 lean pounds with andro mass or other mild ph's. More, if you all out bulk...test e+dbol would prob toss on 20-30 on you... being that your coming off an injury I would ease back into any hormonal products cause you might re injure the ligament... If your in impatient mode and want to be back to massive proportions then I would say f it and juice, but you better research the hell outta whatever you decide, cause you can really f yourself up on gear...
    You are born small and weak, you die small and weak...How you look in-between is entirely up to you...

  3. Thank you for your input. Would you agree with just the test e + dbol cycle if I went that direction, or would you suggest something different for a first time user?

  4. That's up to your goals... Epistane is a dry compound that is mild, but it'll wreck your joints if you don't use cissus, glucosamine etc... Superdrol is hardcore and ll pack on lbs, but with it comes higher chances for sides... I know its a big jump to go to the needle, cause once you come to the dark side, you'll never go back!
    go look on primordials section in AM and read up on logs of the andro series... Then read up on superdrol experiences and so on...make your decision after you've weighed all your options.
    You are born small and weak, you die small and weak...How you look in-between is entirely up to you...

  5. What other options are there instead of juicing that have similar results?

  6. otc cycle... Katanadrol+N2Slin Lean bulk cycle
    1-4 katanadrol 250mg every day spread out
    2-8 need2slin 1 cap 3 times a day 30 mins before meals ( morning noon and night 1 bottle needed)
    1-4 N2guard (optional but always best) If you do not run this then at the very least run Krill-TS from to keep cholesterol and blood pressure in check.
    1-4 HCGenerate 5 caps a day ( during cycle a must but during PCT is optional) discount code

    PCT portion of the cycle
    weeks of the cycle:
    4-8 forged steel 1 cap am and 1 cap pm
    4-8 forma-stanzol 5 pumps am and 5 pumps pm.
    4-8 Attack 1 serving pre work out ) optional)
    8-12 bridge 1 cap 3 times a day (option extended pct/bridge to next cycle)
    4-8 or 8-12 phytoserm-347 1 cap am and pm (optional extended pct/bridge to next cycle)
    8-16 RS-transaderm 1 full dose in the morning and or at night too. ( optional bridge to next cycle 1 bottle last 2 months )

    as for the other route...

    Sust /Deca /tren cycle experienced bulking cycle

    1-12 sust 250mg twice a week Monday and Thursday

    1-10 deca 300mg once a week

    1-10 tren-e 100mg twice a week.

    1-12 hcg 500ius twice a week

    12-16 hcgenerate 5 caps ed

    1-12 Need2slin 1 cap 3 times a day 3 mins before meals 2 bottles needed

    12-18 forma-stanzol 5 pumps am and pm for the 1st 4 weeks and then drop it down to 3 and 3

    The last 2 weeks

    14-18 unleashed and post cycle 1 cap of each 3 times a day

    12-16 forged steel 1 full dose twice a day

    12-16 (optional) clomid 25mg ed

    18-22 (Optional extended pct ) bridge 1 cap 3 times a day

    18-22 (optional extended pct) phytoserm-347 1 cap twice a day

    When it comes to a deca with tren stack cycle you are talking about a good amount of shut down. To using both hcg throughout the whole cycle and then hcgenerate at the end of the cycle last 4 weeks is a must. You will also want to start pct the day the cycle ends. Start lowering progesterone/prolactin right away well the steroids clear the system. As well as start trying to bring the ladeg cells back to normal function and size. Tren lowers T-3 and insulin sensitivity so using something like Need2slin when you are on tren is a must. It is ether that or running T-3 . If you run T-3 then you will need to add the product T-3-PCT to your pct. After a tren/deca cycle I feel that it is a good Idea to run a extended pct.

    It is always a good Idea to have a AI on hand just in case you need it. You do not have to run it unless you know you are prone to gyno or unless you need it. IMO one should always have a few different ai's on hand.

    1. Letro the strongest of them all for emergency only
    2. Forma-stanzol from for gyno prevention . If you must use a ai on cycle to prevent gyno then this is the one to use. Also if you end up using adex or another ai then use forma-

    stanzol after to prevent rebound. Finely always use forma-stanzol during pct.
    3. When running a cycle with Deca/tren/npp or any kind of Nandro/19 nor you should always
    Have some cabralone/dostinex on hand. Keep in mind that forma-stanzol prevents estrogen and progesterone/prolactin so it’s the perfect prevention during a cycle to start with. If ou find you need stronger then be sure you have it on hand but always start with the lighter drugs that cause less side effects and rub you of less gains.....hope this helps you out. if you have any questions p.m. me

  7. 1-12 tes e or c @ 500mg a wk, pin 2x a wk

    pct 14-18
    nolva 40/20/10/10
    forma stanzol 8/10/10/8/6/4 total pumps a day, split into 2 doses, am/pm
    DAA 3g's a day, 30 days

    dont do this til your injury has healed. IDK if you know anything about peptides but they will get thay injury healed up real fast. Just something to think about tho, you wouldnt want to use them til you have a good understanding of anabolics.



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