Bridge cycle question from Tren/Havoc run to Havoc

  1. Bridge cycle question from Tren/Havoc run to Havoc

    I'm running Tren/Havoc cycle right now and plan to for a month. I thought about bridging over to Havoc soley after to help keep the tren gains for a couple weeks. I know tren can cause prolactin gyno and the havoc helps combat any estro gyno while on cycle so should I run clomid right after my 30 day Tren/Havoc run while still on Havoc or wait until I'm all done with the whole run (including the two week bridged havoc run)? I just dont want any sides coming out once I stop the Tren seeing how I wouldnt run the clomid until two weeks after.
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  2. i could see it being fine to bump the epi up to 40mg while keeping the pro dienolone at 90, and then continue running the epi solo at 40mg for another 2-3 weeks.

    epi most likely doesn't have any more anti estrogenic properties than say, masteron. with that said, you could run something else like stanodol (ph to dht) for 4 weeks following the spawn, but if you already have a bottle of epi, might as well do what i rec in the first sentance.

    i think you are doing this:

    20/90, 20/90, 20/90, 20/90

    so then you are in week 3, go ahead and bump the epi to 40 (add in 20mg to current stack) and run until finished, then run just epi solo till it's finished.

    then pct, and make sure it's a solid one.

    are you using cycle support? both of those compounds will negatively effect your liver.

  3. I was worried about any sides popping up after I stop the tren and waiting 2-3 weeks (because of the solo epi run) until I started PCT'ing with the clomid. I'm running CEL cycle assist and LIV 52 as I do with all my cycles.
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  4. running epi solo for another 2-3 weeks will be good. you may even gain some size if you run it at 40mg.

    if you wanted to run the clomid right after the spawn, i would think it would be fine, if you were going to get any sides from the pro diene, you would of already gotten them.

  5. Thanks man I appreciate all your help so far.
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