1,4 Andro - Transdermal or No?

  1. 1,4 Andro - Transdermal or No?

    Is it that 1,4Andro-dione is NOT that effective transdermally or that is that its oral absorption rate is so high, that it dosent make sense to go with a transdermal?

    Also - how much 1,4 is needed to realize its anabolic effect? (not just an appetite boost)

    I was thinking of a 4week T1Pro cycle at moderate dosing, and supplimenting with 200mg/day 1,4andro. Would I notice an increase in the quality of my gains - or just an increase in appetite?


  2. Oral absorption rate is about 45% or so, no point in making it a transdermal. If you haven't, please read the chart that Lifeguard was kind enough to put together in the above sticky here:


  3. Thanks for the reply - yes I already read the chart (very cool chart, BTW). Is actually less effective as a transdermal?

  4. Yes, 1, 4 is less effective as a dermal than an oral. It has something to do as well, I believe, with its molecular weight.

  5. Hmmm - that would make sense...I remember reading the importance of molecular weights and transdermal effectiveness in ParDeus' articles a while ago.

    Does 1,4 Andro exert any real anabolic effect alongside 1-test?



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