Helladrol (halo-drol clone) questions about liver protection/ dosage

  1. Helladrol (halo-drol clone) questions about liver protection/ dosage

    Hey guys I started my helladrol cycle today. I took 3 25mg caps at 1130 this morning and took 4caps of cycle assist by competitive edge labs. I also take 1 animal pak everyday and drink 1 gallon of water. I will be doing 4week cycle 75/100/100/100. My pct will be liquid nolva at 40/20/20/20 with tribulous and zma. Feel free to shoot holes wherever you see them. I know i should break up my h-drol dosing. I wake up at 830 everyday and lift at 11. In bed by 12:30. I think im going to take 50mg of h-drol 1 hour before w/o and take the other at 630pm everyday. And when should i take my 2 dosings on cycle assist?

    Thanks for an help in advance. And try to be as critical as you can. Don't let me off easy! This is my endocrine/liver function were talking about!

  2. Shouldn't rely so heavily on a forum thread to get your information.

    This would have been a hood idea to do before u started your cycle

    But do you nova since you have it and throw in a natty t booster 1 week from the end or maybe DAA

    You could also use forma stanzol as well from my understanding
    Always willing to learn :D

  3. stanzol is for punks. I'll take 50mg at 10am 4 on cycle pills at 12 and 25mg more hella at dinner time and the last post cycle pills before bed.

  4. stanzol is for punks? hmm...

    either way i like to take all my ph's by 5pm each day, u could experience sleep issues.....i take my liver protection at night before bed, i'd suggest doing this with the all in one products as well
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  5. Thanks and I didnt experience any sleep problems so far but i'll keep that in mind and take them earlier.



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