Taking Nolva ON Cycle

  1. Taking Nolva ON Cycle

    I am on day #6 of a M1T (5-7mg) and M4OHN (12 mg) stack (first timer). Two days ago I felt itchy nipples, so I hit it with an 80 mg shot of Nolva, 60 mg last night, & 40 mg tonight.......and the itchyness is now gone. The fact that I had to do it doesn't surprise me since I have a high level of estrogen naturally. My questions are:

    Other than the fact that the Nolva reduces the estrogen level reducing wet gain potential, does it have an adverse effect on overall gains from the cycle right now, or after I cease the Nolva?

    For those of you with a high natural level of Estogen (Michael Jackson, High Pitch Eric, Jeff Garcia (or is it Jerry Garcia) ) would it be a good idea to take Nolva every day on cycle, say 10-20 mgs just to keep the raging "E" in check?


    By the way, the gains on this stack are AWESOME

  2. good job catching it early!

    I remember reading (I think in anabolics 2004) that it will decrease gains a tad, which is why people do not do it reguarly during cycles (some estrogen is good, as you said wet gains).

    Itchyness is a very early indicator, and could be mental (assuming you saw no puffiness). I would keep going without it and if you have another problem do the same protocol and stay on at 20mg after symptoms go away till you start full pct. M1T is so new I have not heard of anyone running nolva during the entire cycle, it might not hurt your gains at all.

  3. Patrick Arnold was saying Nolva should not effect gains. He said only thing Nolva will do is prevent overall water weight gain.

  4. Thanks guys. I think what I'll do is stay off now for a few days and see what happens. If the tenderness comes back, I'll hit the Nolva again until the M1T is gone (in another week)......then I have 3 more weeks of M4OHN left.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Skark View Post
    For those of you with a high natural level of Estogen (Michael Jackson, High Pitch Eric, Jeff Garcia (or is it Jerry Garcia)
    Haha made me lol! I like the stack idea and I'm anxious to hear about your results! Hope you find something to control the E.

  6. nolva is hepatoxic though, you are also much better off controlling/lowering the estrogen with an anti-e instead of just masking it with a serm.

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