Helios...what did

  1. Helios...what did

    Ive been reading up on this and everyting and i mean EVERYTHING i read is from 07'-08'. I would love to hear what your experiance was with it

  2. just wondering if u got any pm's on this i am also looking for it

  3. I wish I haven't heard anything from any1 about it sadly please lmk if you do

  4. Helios is a decent product. You will see some good results from it, but honestly, as someone who purchased multiple vials only to use one, Clenbuterol really is a bit high risk to reward for my taste. ECA for me.
    Just inject.

  5. I've heard lots of issues with injection site problems like severe scar tissue.

    Oral clen is good too

  6. Kool thamx for the head up guys

  7. i used in back in 07 when i was deployed and would really like to get it again could someone pm me


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