steroid cycle w/ 4 AD kickstart?

  1. steroid cycle w/ 4 AD kickstart?

    mods, vets (and anybody with any input) see what you think of this. I'm gion to do a 10 week test cyp/deca/dbol cycle starting at the beginning of may. To kickstart I'm using the dbol for hte first three weeks. My question is since the test and dbol dont kick in until the 3rd week, would it be beneficial to run a transdermal 4AD along with the dbol, or would this be pointless? i have the extra 4ad lying around and would liek to just use it. would there be any downsides to this?

  2. I was under the impression that D-bol was used to kick start a cycle??....

    but, hey, if you got the 4-AD just sitting there, might as well use it IMO


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  3. Sounds a bit like overkill to me. Youve got enough things going at once. I really think that people now a days complicate things way too much with steroid cycles. 10 weeks is hella long time ( too long in my opinion) and youll get plenty of gains from that without any 4 ad. Also, test cyp isnt that long of an ester if im not mistaken so it shouldnt take that long to kick in really. Also, like LG said that dbol will jump start your cycle just fine. How many mg of test are u running per week, and how much deca as well? What about post cycle too? How many cycles have you done before this one? Im no expert on roids but ive done a good deal of research so this is just my opinion, anyone else?

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