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    I've found this board to be a consistently good source of information, and I believe that's in part due to the quality of its sponsors. When your business model is to attempt to bring good products to market at competitive prices, accurate information is your friend rather than a source of sales resistance. Innovation being what it is, you might not hit a home run with every new product, but you are always selling a good idea rather than snake oil.

    That's respect for your customers, and it extends to customer service. I recently had a series of problems with an order from Designer Supps. When all was said and done, DS took full responsibility and made it right in an unexpected and highly appreciated fashion. I would have reamed him in this forum if I had stayed dissatisfied; since I ended up happy I felt I should praise him here instead.

    Enough with the lovefest: DS, hurry up and make a whole bunch of great new cheap ****, and give it all to me first.

  2. I'm glad to hear that DS made it up to you. Problems do occur but it's how they are handled is what determines a good business from a bad one. All of AM's sponsors have proven to have excellent customer service and that is why they are and continue to be board sponsors.

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