Hello everyone first off this is my first post here. I plan on running a cycle of 75 of tren and 125 of prop EOD for 4-6 weeks. I have adex and nolva on hand if needed. My main goal here is to just lean out and harden up, maybe gain a few pounds if at all possible. I plan on running a high protien low carb diet; just a 1/4 cup of oats in am and 40grams waxy maize post workout. I ran an 8 week cycle of sostonon 250 and winny back in 04'. Several ph cycles including SD, Halodrol, epistane... but nothing for the past two years.

Here are my stats
172 pounds
12% BF

So What can I expect? I'll be lifting 6 days a week w 30-45 min light cardio post workout. Also I do still plan on taking protein(whey/casien) but is it necessary to continue w other supps while on cycle? Creatine, taurine, glutamine and BCAA's are part of my main staple of supps. Again not really wanting to get "big" just wanting help shredding up and some muscle gain would be a plus. Thanks and feel free to ask questions about anything i may have left out.