would u buy gear that is from canada

  1. would u buy gear that is from canada

    i found a source he gets all his gear form canada anybody know if it would be good or dirty

  2. I really don't believe that amount of info will get any responses...why not ask about experiences with the specific lab or brand?

  3. there are some good canadian UG labs like QFS and PVL

  4. well he cant tell me what brand it changes to what he can get at the time of order

  5. Better get a new sources,did he even tell u what brand's he uselly gets????

  6. blame canada!

  7. get the brand man. if it is either pvl, orbit, qfs you will be good to go, very good gear

  8. Nah bro, don't order from canada, there gear is really dirty and it's really cold out there so i don't think it'd be good quality. Probably made in one of there igloos out there

  9. Go get back in yer f*ckin igloo!!!

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  10. ^ Bahahahaha

    Igloos lol


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