Plans for cutting?

  1. Plans for cutting?

    Hey guys... I'm ready to start my goal of cutting and will not relent until I see my abs! (And I will be the first person in my family to have done that for generations )
    Here's my question: What supplements (OTC or otherwise ) would you recommend for a cutting cycle? I'm considering trying out some 1-test cyp to try to keep some of my bulking gains. Any thoughts, recommendations, etc. is appreciated.

  2. where are you cycle-wise? meaning is PCT over and you're ready for a new cycle? If so. I like:

    test, EQ, winny at the end
    ECY/clen alternating every 2-3 weeks
    T3 or Tri-max for 4 weeks in the middle of the cycle

    Just as long as you keep your diet in check you shouldn't have to micro-manage your supps or AS too much IMO.


  3. I wouldnt suggest AAS use since you can easily get to your goals (which sounds like cutting down) with otc and supps that are less harsh on your body. Hit up eca/clen combo to start (or similar to it). Move onto PH use if your progress seems to be going nowhere. Since you're a grown man, im sure you can be mature about what's best for you. Last alternative (of course following the above and nutriton/training), are AAS but once again, i dont suggest that. But then again..... look who's talking?

  4. Cycle-wise I've got about three weeks of PCT left. I'm just making plans at the moment.... Plan on giving it at least another month after PCT before I do much of anything. I'm not going to be doing test/winny/fina simply because I'm looking for something more legally obtainable and better yet... non-aromatizing (hehe... found out during this last cycle I'm definitely very estrogen-sensitive). I was thinking 1-test cyp. might be good for maintaining mass/strength while cutting and being cheap, easily obtainable (legally), and non-aromatizing. I have been reading a bit about tri-max, and it sounds appealing, but I don't know a whole lot about clen. How are it's affects on the heart? (Looking cut goes to waste if you have a heart-attack while doing it ;-))
    Thanks for the info so far! :-)

  5. didn't realize you weren't planning on using AAS since you posted it in Anabolics, I'm moving this to the PH forum I guess?

    BTW I liked 1-test only for cutting but I would add 4-AD or even try M4OHN. I really think the aromitization issue is a non-issue if your diet and cardio is in check.

  6. Jweave you said you liked 1-test only for cutting...did you inject?

  7. No one responded to my question about clen, eh? :-(

  8. Your heart rate is going to go up definatly, but unless you are old/fat you should be fine like everyone else. People (myself included) do have episodes when heavily exerting ourselves, so be smart.


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