M1t & 4ad cycle... add m5aa?

  1. M1t & 4ad cycle... add m5aa?

    im currently on my 2nd 2 week phase of an m1t/4ad cycle, and was thinking about adding some
    m5aa towards the end. what do you guys think about this? here's how my cycle has gone so far:

    Week 1-2
    m1t @ 20mg/day
    trans. 4ad
    1200mg milk thistle

    Week 3-4
    600mg 6oxo
    1000mg milk thistle

    Week 5-6
    m1t @ 20mg/day
    transd 4ad
    1200mg milk thistle

    Im in week 5, about to start week 6, and was thinking about dropping the m1t to 10 to 15 mg and adding some m5aa for 2 weeks (Week 6-7), along with 4 to 6 weeks PCT after that. Any input?

  2. Hey, Im from GA also, where you from? Your cycle doesnt look bad, but I would add nolva along with 6oxo for PCT. What are your goals with using m5aa, I am running it right now on the tail end (last 11 days) of my transdermal 4ad/1t/4ht cycle, and I like the energy and focus it gives me, I run 50-70mgs a day. Are you cutting or bulking? I am not really doing either. Maybe you would call it, "damn I have too much fat on my abs, and want to lean as hell bulk" bulk.

  3. Well, I originally bought it for a cutting cycle, but the more i read up on it, im finding out it might not be the best thing to use for those goals. Basically, I was going to throw it in at the end of my m1t/4ad cycle for the hardening effect, and the "focus" factor.
    PS- Ive also got some mOHN on hand, which i had originally thought about stacking with the m5aa during the cutting cycle, but i might just go with clen instead. any suggestions?)
    pps- nolva on the way already-thanx. i was just having some trouble finding it at first.

    Gainesville, GA- You?

  4. I'm running 3 weeks of
    10mg of M1t
    600mg 4ad oral
    20mg M5aa
    I'm trying a lean bulking cycle but if you wanted to use it as cutting cycle lower the dose of 4ad and increase the dose of M5AA. and watch that diet. I'm did not change my diet this time. I've put on 3lbs in 8days and some strength. maybe half water weight.

  5. Im from Duluth. I am running 1t/4ad/4ht transdermal and m5aa. I am using Nolva, 6oxo and Clen for PCT. Along with 4-5 Grams HMB, Massive dose Ipraflavone and a **** load of BCAAs, I am GOING TO keep my gains!



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