Tren E Test E - 3rd cycle

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    Tren E Test E - 3rd cycle

    I just purchased a blend of Tren E 250mg, Test E 350 mg and Im going to be dosing once every 5 days. Thing Im wondering is what to kick start the cycle with? I was considering Winny as my main aim is to reduce my BF but i know it's hard on the joints.. another option is to kick start the cycle with Dbol and end with Winny. Feedback would be appreciated.

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    the blend is 250mg tren e + 350mg test e? ARE YOU SURE? cuz thats 600mg/ml, i dont even think thats possible to make, even if it was it would hurt so bad. ive seen blends like 150mg test e + 100mg tren e / ml, and 60mg test prop + 40mg tren ace /ml.

    but....use the winny first 3-4 weeks, than again towards the end for another 3-4 weeks.

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