Halotestin dose

  1. Halotestin dose

    I will be taking halotestin for the three weeks leading up to a powerlifting meet. My question is what is the highest dose I can take for those three weeks? I take liver supports and no other orals. I have heard 40-60mg at most?

  2. I found that the most I could take was 2 10 mg tabs at once .Anymore than that and my lifts would be lower since I train power lifting too .It did not give me sense of well being and I could only tell it was working when I worked out when it made my lifts easier .I have took 2 10 mg tabs day 4 times a day for 2 months at time .I bought it in bulk amounts and had planned on doing cycles of it but ended up taking for slightly over 4 months just playing around with the doses and then tapering down after I started getting low so I would not loose all that hard earned strength I had gotten .I have only ordered it twice and got large bulk both times .After I had quit taking it the 1st for slightly over 4 months .My liver levels were only slightly elevated .

    Even though it is fast acting and you will probably feel it the first time .It seemed like it took a week or more to really get those straighten gains and to start getting that hard ripped look with more vascular development too .I took it not only for the strength for the LBM gains I got on it .The profiles on it say that by adding a more anabolic compound that a person can get good LBM gains .That was exactly what I did .I only gained a small amount of overall weight but my BF levels went down my overall lean body mass went up .I got my BF down to 5.9 % .At 168 I had 158lbs of lean body mass .this was about 2.5 years ago .Not bad for a 59 yr old man .

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