This a good cycle?

  1. This a good cycle?

    I'm 6'6" 221 lbs. & 13% fat.
    I've taken 2 cycles before.
    Fina- EQ- D-Bol
    Wk 1 50mg/EOD 150mg/EOD -
    Wk 2 100mg/EOD 200mg/EOD 20mg/day
    Wk 3 150mg/EOD 200mg/EOD 40mg/day
    Wk 4 200mg/EOD 200mg/EOD 40mg/day
    Wk 5 200mg/EOD 200mg/EOD 40mg/day
    Wk 6 100mg/EOD 150mg/EOD 20mg/day
    Wk 7 - - -
    EOD=Every other day.
    I've also heard that T-bomb 2 by MHP will help re-start natural testosteorne.Does it work? Do I need anti-e's? i haven't taken them before & i haven't had a problem.Thanks for the replies!!

  2. Where is the test in the cycle..
    Also, I don't know if I would do tren and EQ together.. also if you do an EQ cycle you need a more time than 6 weeks.. the EQ just starts to build up enough to feel it by week 4. Also, you will need nolvadex or clomid for PCT and I would suggest HCG for an EQ cycle

  3. Can you get a hold of boldenone prop? It would go better with tren ace. And like Matthew D says, you need some test in there, preferably test prop at 150 EOD. Not sure if 200mg of tren ace EOD is a great idea, sounds like overkill, especially for a 3rd cycle.

  4. has anyone ran dbol and eq same time?
    deffantly gonna be shut down where is the test?
    6 weeks dbol is long time drop to 4

  5. dbol and fina is the bomb. But I would not run that longer then 6 weeks. Eq is nice but when I am running tren/dbol I can't really tell the differnce and given how long it takes to kick in I would just drop it. If you want something else or want to run it longer then ad test with it or replace the dbol with it at some point.

    There is no point in ramping the dbol.

    The best cycle (worst pumps though) I did was 6 weeks of 75mg fina, 50mg dbol and 100mg of prop ED. Grew like a weed but ended up not being able to climb stars LOL

    One of these days I am going to try to run bold base/prop, tren ace and test base.



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