Cabergoline - Pramipexole

  1. Cabergoline - Pramipexole

    Anyone ever had to use one of these? How did it work for you?

  2. I am running Trenazone right now and have some caber on hand, but haven't had to use it yet since I've had no progesterone sides so far
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  3. From my experiences, as I've tried Caber (liquid and pills), Dostinex (liquid and pills) and Pram (liquid); caber and dostinex PILLS ONLY were the ONLY effective ones for me and man o man were they effective!!!! LOLOL. Make you a very very sick bastard in terms of horniness. LOL

    I recall reading some Brologic somewhere that said these compunds are rendered inert when added to solutions UNLIKE all the other popular research products. I tend to agree based only on anecdotal information.

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