M5AA and liver protectants??

  1. M5AA and liver protectants??

    I am running M5AA at 20mg in the AM and 20mg before workout. I heard that M5AA isnt as hard on your liver as some methyl prohormones. Since this does convert to the active compound should I be running any liver protectants on cycle? Right now I am taking 400mg/day of rALA and 600mg of NAC per day during cycle. Should I add any Milk Thistle during cycle? I will run nolva PCT but with what liver protectants for post cycle? Should liver protectants be run during cycle? I am going to run 4 weeks with a 2 week cycle of clen.

  2. I'd go all out with regards to liver protection with any methylated PH/PS, 'cause the safer you are the better. I don't think conversion (or non-conversion) negates toxicity. Seems like milk thistle would be a good choice to add to your sup list during and after, just to be safe. Some people like to use it pre- and post-cycle only. Other things like potassium, taurine, hawthorne and CoQ-10 are all good as well.

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