Cardio 20min after quad injection?

  1. Cardio 20min after quad injection?

    My buddy is running a TestE only cycle, he injects around 600mg x2 a week so a little over 2.2cc 1.5in. 25g. Only quads. So heres my question, he injects then 20min later goes for cardio on treadmil 2.2speed 15.0 incline, would the oil leak back out? I assured him its not and he is safe. He is being paranoid and thinks some might be leaking into his shorts (black short) so he cant really tell.

    Second, would it be beneficial to actually get cardio in so the muscle start distributing quicker the oil?

  2. none of the spots I pin "leak" 20 minutes post injection... so i dont see an issue.

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