New to homebrewing need some help

  1. New to homebrewing need some help

    Hello everyone, new to this forum and new to homebrewing. Just made my first batch of test e and eq. No problems. I used 5% ba and 15% bb as instructed by a friend. Now I'm going to try for some tren enanthate. It should be dosed at 100mg/ml correct? Making 50mls, should it look like this?

    5grams tren enanthate powder
    2.5ml ba
    7.5ml bb
    36.25ml oil

    Would this yield the correct results? I am new and trying to learn so if it's not correct can you please explain why? Thanks!

  2. Read some other posts on tren enanthate (yes that's right, a newbie that knows where the search button is!) Can it safely and painlessly be made into 250mg/ml?

  3. Tren Enanthate

    Send it to me and I will let you know if it is painless lol. You might try one of the more fina specific boards.

  4. 3%ba and 10%bb will work fine for 250mg/ml tren enan bro. Your calcs look good for ingredients for 50ml.

  5. Thanks for the reply man. That's all I'm looking for is a little help. Much appriciated!



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