Question Regarding A Dosage Problem with First Cycle

  1. Question Regarding A Dosage Problem with First Cycle

    For my first prohormone cycle, I planned to use a 4-AD and 1-Test transdermal for 4 weeks. I bought two bottles of 4-Derm [contains 6 grams of 4-AD], and I added 4 grams of 1-Test powder. Each bottle was supposed to last two weeks [30 doses/container x 1 day/2 doses x 1 week/7 days ~ 2 weeks/container]. Well, I am still on the first bottle, but I am going on the fourth week [I'll probably have enough to finish out the cycle with the one bottle]. Perhaps I didn't heat the solution properly and the 1-Test precipitated, clogging the pump, but I really don't know why I didn't get the proper dosage. Next time I'll check the amount in a spray empirically with the "spray-into-a-syringe method" instead of taking the label's word for it.

    So how should I proceed? I have one bottle unused. Should I use it [while making sure that I am using the desired dosage] for the next two weeks? Or should I head into PCT after this final week? And based on your recommendation, what should the dosage be on the PCT? I originally planned to use 2 mL/day for the first two weeks, then 1 mL/day for the next two weeks, but now I don't know what the wisest choice would be in in my case.

    Thanks for your help and recommendations in advance.

  2. 4 weeks of 4ad/1-t is pretty short; 2 more weeks would probably be a good idea anyway. A "standard" PCT should be fine.

  3. What are your gains? Are they slowing or increasing? Do you have any sides? Typically, you would end a cycle when you stop gaining or start experiencing sides. Note: knowing what to look for as side effects does require some experience. Therefore, if you haven't noticed any negative sides and you are still gaining, I would recommend running no longer than 6 weeks total just to make sure you aren't causing yourself unnoticed problems. Good luck.

  4. Your initial post is a bit confusing to me about dosages. Namely, I didn't realize the 4-Derm would hold 10 grams of hormone (6g 4AD + 4g 1-Testosterone powder). Firstly I would check to make sure all of the 1-Test dissolved.

    Don't use the spray application any longer. As you mentioned buy a syringe that will allow you to dose it by volume right out the bottle. Get one at walmart or drug store. Use that for all further applications. The spray bottles clog all the damn time and are horribly inaccurate. T-Gel is a much better product for transdermals imo.

    You will be able to tell if any 1-Test didn't dissolve simply by feeling the solution for anything that appears gritty or sandy when you apply it. If you heat it to try and dissolve more just be careful to keep the cap loose.

    Assuming the bottle is 120 mL total, you say you are using 2mL/day. with 4grams 1Test that works out to (1/15) grams/day or 66 2/3 milligrams 1-Test. At an estimated 30% absorption that will yield about 140 mg Test per week. That isn't even enough to raise test levels to normal. Maybe my number are off. Check your math also to make sure you are using enough.

    Based on the amount you bought, you should be dosing it at 8mL each day (4mL morning and another 4mL evening). That would give you an effective dosage of 266 2/3 mg 1Test each day, which is great for a first cycle imo.

    Your final paragraph is also confusing. You ask what dosage to use for PCT, but you don't tell us what compound you are using! Let us know that and we can help more. In fact it seems like you are confusing pct with on cycle, just using smalller doses of hormones. I know that can't be what you meant though?

    If you really have horribly screwed up the dosages somehow, I would stop the cycle now at 4 weeks, go through a proper pct, saving the last bottle for next cycle, then dose it properly. Depends on what you have done thusfar.

    I am sure I am misinterpreting a lot of what you meant here.


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