Oral Winny: How many doses ED?

  1. Question Oral Winny: How many doses ED?

    Just a quick question. How many doses of oral Winstrol are required to maintain consistant levels? From what I can find it looks like you can do it with one dose. Is this correct?


  2. One dose is sufficient. Some will argue but after a few days built up in your system there's no difference. I've taken it both ways and it made absolutely no difference.

  3. 1 should do it

  4. Thanks guys.

  5. 27 should be just right....... or one's cool

  6. I'll have to invest in some of this said "winny"...

  7. I bought some BD 5mg winny last year and I have to say it rocks. Very strong. The only reason I bought them is that I'd read a test on them that showed them dosed 9-10mg vs 5mg.
    ordinarily I would say that is a bad thing, I want to know what the dose is on what I'm taking but it was pretty cheap so I bought it anyway. When I used it I tool 10mg first thing in am and then 15mg preworkout. If I use it again, I would reduce the dose to 15mg preworkout (which could be as much as 30 if they are overdosed) I got very quick results though, strength, hardness and some tightness/joint pain within a few days.


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