m-stane and tren cycle

  1. m-stane and tren cycle

    I have a bottle of each. My question is what is better. Basically the difference would be start mstane week 1 and tren week 3 or tren week 1 and mstane week 3. I have done research and read logs and some people start tren first and add mdrol and some i have seen kickstart with mdrol and add tren.

    option 1
    Tren 90/90/90/90
    Mstane 20/20/20/20

    option 2

    Tren 0/ 0/90/90/90/90
    Mstane 20/20/20/20/0/0

    option 3

    Tren 90/90/90/90
    Mstane 0/0 /20/20/20/20

  2. option 1

  3. the more and more i read i was thinking about doing mstane weeks 1-4 and adding in tren for weeks 3-6 which is option 2. What caught my attention was that with mstane ending in week 4 and still having 2 weeks of tren left that will help solidify the gains from the stane while maybe even leaning out and getting stronger on the last 2 weeks of tren only. Any opinions?

  4. Have you ran both of these solo before to know your response to the compounds?

  5. i would want to get in, and get out with those compounds, thats why I recomended it 4 weeks with both together.

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    i would want to get in, and get out with those compounds, thats why I recomended it 4 weeks with both together.
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  7. I tried mstane and it was fake . im in the process of takin it right now and its been three days and i dont feel a thing.

  8. 3 days?? Lol you. After the first week start to
    complain. Give it some time. I think either option one or option two. Tren and mdrol the first 4 then finish with mdrol to keep the gains. Getting of the tren will allow your body to start to recover faster sooner since tren is a known product to cause shut down. Many people run 6 weeks of tren though. Idk. I like what the guys above were saying about option one, but I would prolly run option 2.

  9. Im on day 11 of option 2 and am up 10 lbs. I'm at 3500 and starvIng throughout the day still. I have went from 185-195 in 11 days and feel and look amazing. My question is if I'm still starving and I'm like 700 calories over maintenance already should I up them or if I'm gaining at 3500 keep it there?

  10. Im using x tren to kickstart a test e cycle and Im up 6lbs on the 10th day. Strength is coming on strong now. Its good stuff!

  11. Sweet. So in regards to my question do I stand put or eat more. I'm seriously starving all day on 3500 calories lol

  12. isn't m-stane dosed with 15mg caps?

  13. I would say option 2. it gives more total time on which will allow for more time for muscle growth, maturity, etc. Short cycles tend to gain a ton of weight and than lose a ton of weight, not too much of it holds.


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