2.5ccs too much for delt?

  1. 2.5ccs too much for delt?

    Im going to be starting soon and Im using 500mg/ml equipoise and 400mg/ml test enanthate. Im planning on 600mg of test enan, and 500mg of equipoise per week. That would be 1cc of eq, and 1.5cc of test. I know I can mix them in the syringe, but my question is should I shoot it all in one site, or do half and half. Been reading up on injection and never came across the answer to that. Basically, due to site specific stimulation (whether its a myth or not) would I be doing myself a disservice to shoot all 2.5CCs in one site (delt im thinking) or do i use 1.25 CC of the mixture in each delt?


  2. How big is your delt bro? I have put 3cc but I don't recomend that. EQ/test e blend should be mild though so I would try it first. Please remember the adage about free advice though

  3. Ill reiterate what my man Skye has said. The size of your delts and what you're injecting should determine to shoot that many cc's or not. I would build up your tolerance to how many cc's to spot inject but there's a guildline where its said 2cc max for smaller areas (delts, shoulders) while you can shoot up 3cc for the glutes and quads (that would be a push for me though). Again, build up your tolerance.

  4. I would not inject 2.5cc into your delts, especially if you have never injected delts before. Start with the smaller volume and increase if you are comfortable. For large volume injections, the glutes are the best spot.

  5. Yep, everyone's gonna be different. The other day I was able to fit 3cc's into my pec!!! I was surprised as hell....but definately try out smaller volumes first...



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