BDC product question...

  1. BDC product question...

    Hey there...
    How many grams of 1test and 4AD are in T1Pro?
    How many grams of 1test and 4AD are in T1?
    How many grams of 4AD are in T4?

    Does anyone make a transdermal 19-Nor?


  2. T1 5g 1-test 10g 4-ad

    T1 pro 10g 1-test 5g 4-ad

    T4 12g 4-ad

    If you want a nor product you may still be able to get nor-adrem from avant but they will be hard to find. Try   He may stil have some.. talk to ya
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  3. Thanks for the response, curt2go. One more question:

    How much product gets absorbed, compared to an oral? (4AD, in particular)


    looks like 1fast400 has 19Nor for $3/gm.

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