Avaiable Prohormone Question

  1. Avaiable Prohormone Question

    1. I was surfing the net and found a site currently advertising RPN Havoc for $49.95 for a bottle. Its the dark red colored bottle and not the basic red with yellow coloring. would this stuff still be legit and worth purchasing?

    2. Since the 2009 ban has anyone found any credible clones out there for the more popular PH's that have popped up under different names and companies? clones of like superdrol/mdrol, Spawn, Havoc, Etc....and are these clones effective, worth purchasing and still available if I look in the right places.


  2. who knows, it's a risk you have to take to purchase illegal substances off the internet.

  3. Product names????
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    Quote Originally Posted by gotbench600 View Post
    Product names????
    I mostly just trust company names. Mr. Supps, IBE/PHF, Purus, Anteus are all trust-worthy in my opinion (not saying that's the entire list, just off the top of my head).

  5. google "prohormonedb" the site has all the up to date PH that are available along with where to purchase...

  6. keep searchin, i see it for 35
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