First time w/ PH...1-test cycle

  1. First time w/ PH...1-test cycle

    this is going to be my first time with prohormones, and i'm going to start with a 1-test cycle. i figure to go 4 weeks, the only thing i'm not sure about is PCT. i got have some milk thistle, i was just wondering when i should take it, just after the cycle or during it also? also what other things should i do for PCT?

  2. Judging by your questions I strongly urge you to research further before starting a cycle. This site has numerous threads from which you can learn nearly all there is to know about a cycle like yours.

    Search under: Nolva, 1-test/4AD cycles, post cycle therapy.

  3. ok i will, thanks for the help.

  4. only 18 ? not a good move. imo

  5. Didn't notice that, thank for the heads up WL.

    PIK- you really need to read up on PH use and teens. It is not advisable to do a cycle of PHs or steroids until you are at least 21. There are numerous documented health problems that can arise from PH use that can really screw up the remainder of your puberty and have life long consequences.

  6. alright, then i'll lay off of 'em for awhile, just stock up on 'em before they get banned. so i guess creatine and protein is all for now then huh?

  7. Believe me when I say that myself as well as any of the guys here my age or older would kill to have the testosterone levels of an 18 year old again. Use it while you got it my friend! PH and AAS will always be around for when things slow down.

  8. alright, i'll take your advice, no PH's for a few years at least. so are there any other supplements that i should look into besides creatine and protein powders right now? i have done a lot of research on creatine but i was wondering if there was another supplement in the market that i should know about


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