PHAT BOY is back!

  1. PHAT BOY is back!

    Hey guys sorry I disapeared off the face of the earth. Fell off a house I was building and ****ed my shoulders up. Finnaly got back at it 2 months ago. I can't lie I did in the rest opf that M-drol to get me back in. Boy did it help. I was hurtin the first week and said **** this I'm knockin back the bottle.
    Also I never got to rub that bottle of Chloro I was supposed to.
    I'm bout 175 right now. When I first got back to the gym in april I was 165 or so.
    Right now I'm up to makin tren with cow pellets. Havent tried any yet I'm waitin to find some test to go with it. Anyone do tren alone? I heard its nasty.
    Anyway I apologize for ghosting. Me and my nuts are back tho!

  2. be very very very careful how you convert the fina pellets to tren ace- its easy to mess up and if you do it wrong, well remember your injecting it into your body- just be careful
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  3. K thanks for the heads up,
    I use sterile field surgical kits to make sure I have a very neet area and I'm paranoid about keeping it sterile. I am a little screwed up on the dosages tho... of course you cant ask questions when you buy something for ilegal useage. Of course I have no plans to do anything ilegal with the kits Im doing this solely for research...until the CIA busts in my door and finds all the ML's of tren in my fridge

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