stack 1Test and M1T

  1. stack 1Test and M1T

    got the plan from some old thread, by my understanding, stacking M1T with 1T hit the body response. Are there other benefits from stacking those two except the letharqy?
    It looks like frontloading, but both of the half life are short, how can we still get benefits from stack them?
    Is it necessary to use 4AD while on M4OHN and 1T?
    PCT 4 weeks Nolva +4 clean weeks is enough?
    BTW, the goal here is LBM or cutting.

    Week 1-2 (10/15mg M1T, 4AD/1Test)
    Week 3-4 (16mg M4OHN, 4AD/1Test)
    Week 4-6 (24mg M4OHN, 4AD/1Test)
    Week 6-8 (32mg M4OHN, 4AD/1Test)


    Week 1-2 (10/15mg M1T, 4AD/1Test)
    Week 3-8 (4AD/1Test)

    Week 1-2 (20mg M1T)
    week 3-8 (4AD/1Test) or Week 3-8 (M4OHN, 4AD/1Test)

  2. Option 2 is my next cycle, but only 6 weeks. May add m40hn at the end if I can get some cheap.

  3. I would say that option 2 looks like your best bet.

  4. I kinda like option 3, but I'd keep the M1T weeks 1-2 at 10-15mg. Run the 4AD and 1T weeks 1-6, drop them at the end, run the M4OHN weeks 3-8, possibly upping the dose in weeks 7-8 if you drop the 4AD and 1T. This should get rid of water and cut you up a bit. Maybe throw in some M5AA pre-workout weeks 7-8 as well. Of course this brings the "stacking M's" issue up again, and it is a long methylated cycle this way. Make sure PCT and liver supps are in check no matter how you decide.

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