"safest" dosage for T-1 Pro cycle?

  1. "safest" dosage for T-1 Pro cycle?

    What would be a max 'safe' dosage for T-1Pro, on a 4-week cycle? I know all prohormone use comes with inherent risks - just want to keep them to a minimum and still see some impressive gains.

    My prior experience with androgens is an 8 week megabolx/anabolx cycle that I did 1 year ago. I was impressed with the gains I made (25+ lbs - although a little too much fat and water for comfort)...my strength went up a lot.

    I did notice some e-related side effects - sore nipples around week6 and too much bloating. Can this be expected with T1pro?


  2. duh:)

    I suppose that would be 1 pump (2ml) every day Unless you wanted to measure it out with a syringe

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