T-Roid vs T13

  1. T-Roid vs T13

    I'm new I know, so people might not respond. I was looking for more information on these products. I can't find t-roid anywhere anymore, and was looking to do a spawn stack, but without the tren, that isn't possible. Would Hardcore Formulations T13 give me similar effects as the T-roid?? Here are the components in each.

    T13 - 13-Ethyl-3-Methoxy-Gona-2,5(10)-Diene-17-One (30mg)

    T-Roid - Estra-4,9-dien-3,17-dione

    I can tell by the structure of them that they are different, but would and Epi/T13 stack give me the same outcome as a epi/t-roid stack?

    Thanks for feedback.

  2. i have not run m-lmg, and from what i have read it is a bit more wet than pro-dienolone (t-roid / oral tren). but then again, i have seen where some guys have extremely dry gains on it. i don't think the strength gains will be as pronounced with m-lmg as with pro-dienolone. hope this helps.

  3. Yes it helps thank you. I can't find T-roid anywhere. I have scrolled through pages and pages of sites and search engines, but it is no where to be found.

    What do you think of a T13/Epi stack. Or is there another good tren clone out there that would work for a spawn stack?

  4. pro-dienolone was banned back in january 2010 i believe, so finding a clone will be quite difficult because it's a controlled substance. and if you do find it, you will definitely be paying top dollar for it (the least i've seen it going for on auction sites is about 80 bucks a bottle, which is outrageous). the closest thing you might find is trenazone (which is pure dienolone, what pro-dienolone converts to). there are a few logs on it. in fact, you should keep up with rickrock's log on it, he just starting using it.

    for the much cheaper route, the t13/epi stack would be quite good i think. Again, i have not used T13 (m-lmg) but the few logs i read seem to have a general theme of it being a "wetter" compound, which would stack nicely with epi since it is more of a "dry" compound. those 2 together would be great for size and strength gains with little water retention.

  5. Would that be a safe stack though?

  6. safe is a relative term, you can only do so much to keep a cycle safe. it really depends how you react to each compound and what precautions you take. some people have done much worse cycles though. i personally dont think and epi/m-lmg stack would be outrageous or dangerous.


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