potassium, calcium, magnesium w/clen

  1. potassium, calcium, magnesium w/clen

    is 200 mg potassium supplementation a day sufficient when using
    liquid clen? i've heard 200 and i've heard 400. i'm a woman so
    my clen intake may be a bit lower than some men peak at.
    with that in mind is 200 mg potassium sufficient?

    i also read to be sure you have sufficient calcium and magnesium.
    (but i read and see this mentioned a lot less)
    my multi only has 25 mg calcium and 7.2 mg magnesium. do i need
    an additional multi mineral supplement for those?

    is there one thing i can take that would get me enough of all 3?

  2. BUMP

    I am starting a cycle of clen tomorrow and I know I need to be taking taurine, I've also read potassium is important and to a lesser degree magnesium.

    Can someone comment on these supplements when using clen, how much should someone be taking? I am female, start at 50mcg.

    I greatly appreciate any helpful responses on this!

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